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Chef and Culinary Instructor

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to cook.

As a kid, watching my family devour my imaginative, unexpected and pretty creations, brought me great elation.

Although my parents enjoyed the fruits of my passion, culinary school was out of the question. So off I went to The Ohio State University, graduated and move to DC, built a career as a writer, married, had a child and discovered another great passion, teaching (art and cooking).

Fast forward and off my daughter went to College to follow her dreams. Back I went to follow mine. So here I am, in an incredible position, allowing me to combine my love of cooking and formal culinary education with my passion for teaching.

From basic knife and kitchen skills to classic French, Italian, Jewish, Persian, Thai, Indian, Vegan, etc… techniques and cuisine, I Got You.  Let’s play together!

Chef Terri Nussbaum

(571) 236-1860

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